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This could be the shorest walk ever.

sunset (1 of 1)

A chippy 4 degrees and stair rod rain in down town Holmfirth all day Sunday. We headed up Holme Moss just before dusk in the car for what we expected would be the shorest walk ever. The rain turned to snow flakes with height and as we stepped onto the moor big dollops of it landed on us from a still, windless sky.

The magic of  the unexpected cast it’s spell on us and off we walked into the silent white peat hags of Holme Moss. An inch of winter covered the highest moorland.  Golden Plovers were heard but couldn’t be seen. A grey traffic cone in the distance turned out to be a hare on hind legs which became invisible as it slipped off silently into the snowy landscape.

An hours walk passed  in a moment.