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Passing Weather

Pennine Impressions

Life has brought me to the well worn, dog eared landscape of the South Pennines. Rolling walled folds of benignly neglected farm land sweep up to black peat hagged moors. Ever changing. Lived in land. Often it’s not a right lot to look at. People have said to me that “things don’t get good until Skipton”. But this is a place to get to know. A place who’s character is easily mistaken or remains intangible until the mood takes you and the light or season reveal what is always there, waiting.
Go out often enough, early , late , randomly and you might just glimpse this other landscape. Go quietly, tred softly and these Pennine hills and folds can come alive. Sometimes I’m there with dog and camera to catch an impression.The South Pennines around Holmfirth are full of local stories from the Holmfirth Tiger,Monkey Nick to the The Isle of Skye Road.Having worked here for 20 years maintaining local footpaths I have many tales of my own.

Pennine Impressions is based on my photography and is about this place and belonging here.It is free to social groups,clubs,charities or other simillar organistations.I bring along some of my prints and cards for people to browse,enjoy and buy if they wish.

I can also present to professional organisations at conferences,training events etc and would be happy to discuss any particular requirements.

Family Bothy Trip

Bothy Life

Based on my adventures in and around Scottish Bothies with my kids who are these days very reluctant participants.Stories of steam puddings,microwaves,whisky,coal and the dark starry Highland sky.We’ve waded rivers,got snowed in,argued at cards,lost kids and more!

A few quotes !

“An engaging speaker,really takes you there”

“Brings the landscape alive”

From Exposure Leeds

“Andy’s images struck a chord and inspired our club”

From Oldham Camera Club

“A very entertaining evening.Loved the bothies.Makes you want to put boots on and go!”

Halifax Photographic Society

Snowed in Glen Buck